It was great seeing some of you folks at the All-Gardeners Meeting on January 30th.

Monica J, our former registrar (more on that in a moment), gave a terrific “how to start your garden indoors” presentation.

Monica J, Midvale Community Garden Committee Member
Monica J, gardener extraordinaire and MCG treasure (Monica, you probably hate this caption — sorry but we’re not changing it -ed)

Not only did we all start leek and/or onion sets, but we also got loads of information about when to plant, how to plant, first and last freeze dates, and the UW Extension Green Thumb classes.

“I don’t know about anyone else’s, but my little seedlings are doing great!” – workshop participant

Monica has agreed to do another seed-starting presentation for the general public at the Sequoya Library in March. We will announce that date here. If you’re interested in starting your garden indoors this year, you won’t want to miss it.

Also at the All-Gardeners Meeting, gardeners were appointed to committee positions.

Monica has indeed stepped down after eight years of impeccable registrar-ing. We celebrated Monica with cake and gifts. Mark H has stepped up to be our new registrar. Hurray for Mark! His initiative is much appreciated.

Charlie B. has stepped down as chair after three great years of leadership. Charlie, thank you so much for your service! Terry R. will assume the chair for the next year.

The amazing Ann K. continues as treasurer, and the talented Najwa C continues as our esteemed tree sprite. We are all extremely thankful to have Matt K. wear the groundskeeper mantle again this year. Kate D. is a valued committee member at-large.

Midvale Garden Committee and All-Gardeners' meeting 2017
This photo captures four MCG committee members — a new record!

Everyone is welcome at the Midvale Garden Committee meetings.

They last one hour and are actually pretty fun. (We know, not what you expected.)

Our next meeting is February 20, 7pm at Sequoya Library.

Join us! It’s energizing to talk garden in the dead of winter.

Quick thank you to all who responded to the garden survey.

Please note: important 2017 garden dates will be updated on the calendar page soon.