Committee Chairperson: Charlie Bylsma 233-3967 
Ann Knapstein 238-4574 afknap@charter.net
Mark Horan 334-5630 midvalecommunitygarden@gmail.com
Midvale School Liaison:
Susan Jodie; sjankovich@madison.k12.wi.us
Ground Crew Coordinator: Marsha Zelmansky and Kate Dalby
Fruit Tree Maintenance Coordinator:
Corinna Wells 556-0010 corinna.wells@gmail.com
Herbs, vines, asparagus and fruiting shrubs.
Web Manager:
Karen Wullf
At-Large Members
Kate Dalby
Marsha Zelmanski
Geri Naymick
Midvale Elementary School & Community Garden:
Gardener’s Agreement, Release and Waiver of Claims
You have applied for and been approved to use one (1) garden plot at the Community Garden located at Midvale Elementary School for the 2019 gardening season.
As a condition of participating, any and all claims for injury or damage must be waived and



In preparation for 2020…………………..  There will not be a board meeting in March so we will meet again April 13th at 6:00 at The Sequoia library.