New Workday Date

The Sunday, September 24, 4-6pm workday has been changed because of predicted high temperatures.

 New date: Sunday, October 1, 4-6pm

This Oct 1 workday will be your last chance to complete the workday requirement before Closing Day on October 15, 1-3pm. Either day can be used towards satisfaction of this requirement.*

Join us for fun in the garden and fresh, cooler air on Sunday, October 1.

Garden Potluck Pie
Yummy apple pie from the Garden Potluck. Missed it? Come next year!
*As you know, those who do not attend a workday during the season will be assessed the $25 opt-out fee.

Fabulous Work Day Today

Thanks to all who came out for the work day today.

It was the perfect weather — not too hot, not too cold, with a hint of rain at the end — and the garden is in its full summer beauty.

Mowing was hampered a little by the unused hay bales that dot the path, and the thistles are troublesome (there will be more about those two things coming to your inboxes soon, gardeners), but here was a nice surprise… Remember the Seeding Starting Workshop given by our own Monica J. at the Sequoya Library in March?

A tomato and a pepper, grown from seed started at the workshop, are flourishing in one of our gardener’s plots! Good work, Marsha!

Workshop Tomato
Workshop Pepper

Next Work Day:
July 23, 4-6pm

Hay there

Many thanks to Nathan, Tyler, Doug and Monica for helping out with our hay delivery.

Thanks to those folks, we have hay bales set next to our plots for the season.

Gardeners, regarding the hay, please remember 2 things:

  • Remove the twine and dispose of properly (there is a waste bag in the shed)
  • Do not put extra hay in the compost bins.. we’ll find a place for leftover hay that others can use –> more on that soon