Solar dehydrators:

Those contraptions that appeared at the garden this week are solar dehydrator prototypes build by UW engineering students. We will be discussing how to put them to work.


Do you have experience in designing or having signs produced that would be helpful to the garden? We have a lot a needs for signs, everything from larger signs explaining the garden and asking passersby not to pick from the plots, to signs explaining how and when to harvest the rhubarb, fruits and asparagus, to signs on how to use the water. If you can help with this, please email Monica.

Watering Wisdom:

When you water your plot, the best practice is to water at the base of the plants [especially tomato, peppers, etc] and avoid watering the leaves. Water on the leaves can promote fungus and other diseases and is basically wasted since little gets to the roots. Avoid splashing water and soil on your plants, too. The pathogens that cause diseases of tomatoes, in particular, are in the soil and cause problems when they get on the plants leaves.