May 2020

Just a note to keep you informed about the current state of the garden.  The committee has reviewed some of the procedures made available to the gardening community here in Dane County and elsewhere for killing the opportunities for the spread of the COVID-19 virus without killing the pleasure of community gardening. 

Infographic on best practices for community gardeners during COVID-19

Much of what we have looked at in terms of process and procedure can be found at the Garden Network website, and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway position on community gardens is worth reading at  

Social distancing in the case of the garden includes canceling the group meeting, starting with Opening Day.  It also includes all the tools, shed locks, and any places where humans make contact with things in the garden. 

  • Cleaning surfaces before and after is absolutely necessary. We are getting the supplies for that. 
  • Opening Day is canceled and Sunday work days as well.  Work will be spread across the week. 
  • Task assignments are being managed on Google Sheets — a link to the sign-up sheet has been emailed to members. Please go ahead and sign up.

Here are some photos from earlier this month.