April 1, 2013


Not Attending:


  • from last time:
  • Painting our tools


  • Najwa will try to get in touch with CAC to find out how we can get free tools, including twisty cultivator.
  • Paul working on stakes to get to Monica to number.We weren’t included on the list of school gardens. Najwa will let CAC know that Midvale community garden is associated with Midvale Elementary School.

garden infrastructure                                                          

  • Paul working on stakes to get to Monica to number.
  • Paul Getting an estimate on adding more water spigots – one up, one down, possibly a slight increase in pressure.

fruit trees, shrubs, & vines                                 najwa, phil

  • from last time:In March Najwa discussed adding fig, maybe also kiwi

block the bindweed                                                              

  • Can we say a short thing about the bindweed at the garden opening? Christy would be thrilled to do this.
  • To do: As soon as anyone sees bindweed growing in the permaculture area, let Christy know.

permaculture guild                                                     christy

  • Everyone – let Christy know as soon as you see bindweed poking up.
  • Christy – adding thyme divisions

work days                                                                                  

  • from last time:
  • Opening is April 14.Najwa will bring coffee, water. Ann will bring coffee. Christy will bring cookies.Monica will arrange for compost to be delivered, include enough for trees.Monica working with Sean to pick up more unfinished compost.Paul working with Emos Schuty to do tilling.


    Idea: Offer free seeds to people who come to the opening work day


  • Monica’s checking if Sean Gere can pick up another load of our unfinished compost

school garden                                                             monica

  • Current projects: Red bench installation (CG will help SG)

budget & purchasing                                                        ann

  • from last time:
  • To do: open new account, possibly at UWCU?To do: Ask Betsy about EINMake sure there’s a good trail documenting the transfer (get a closing statement from one and an opening from the new)Big budget items: more spigots. School garden will pay for the one that gets added to their end. As well as hoses, etc.  Paul is working on an estimate.

web                                                                                  ann w

    • Christy: How about we store agendas and notes directly on the web page?
    • Benefits: Everyone, including those not on the committee, can view at any time; no one needs to email out the notes; committee members can add to the agenda directly; also makes it easier to see previous meeting notesPossible benefit: (still investigating) can click a single button to disseminate info to the groupDisadvantage: agendas will be less formatted
    • Christy: Suggest updating this blurb on the volunteers page of our website.  Maybe list out the positions that we added to the registration materials?
    • How you can help
      Please send us a message on this site if you are interested in helping to get the word out, fundraising, joining our gardening committee, or simply showing your support.

links & info                                                                                   

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