Date  9/9/2013

Attending: Najwa, Monica, Paul, Ann K, Charlie, Christy


key topics:

  • donate to CAC — decided to donate $100
  • end of year school garden donation — decided to donate $500
  • Najwa: discuss eliminating several trees and
    getting funds to buy proper stakes and materials for staking the balance.
  • need about 8 stakes and strapping – strapping will need to be purchases. Paul has 3 stakes. There may be more in the shed.


  • <info>

garden infrastructure                                                          

  • add grass seed to bare spot near Monica’s plot
  • Paul’s cutting down a tree

fruit trees, shrubs, & vines                                 najwa, phil

  • the pears are delicious!
  • next year: how can we prevent people from picking fruit before its ripe?
  • throw away any apples found on the ground (this prevents plum curculio from lingering in the garden and re-infecting)
  • Japanese plum (toki?) won’t produce fruit in our climate. It’s becoming so big it’s shading out other garden areas. Monica will see if Sean Gere can take this tree down. (It’s really big so we don’t necessarily want gardeners trying to do it.)
  • Protect figs for the winter with wire circles filled with hay. add this to closing day task.

block the bindweed                                                              

  • <info>

permaculture guild                                                     christy

  • <info>

work days                                                                                  

  • sept 15 work day tasks:
  • weed around the fruit trees
  • spread remaining wood chips out among the drip line of the fruit trees and the permaculture guild
  • cut suckers from trees
  • throw away fallen apples (do not compost)

school garden                                                             monica

  • <info>

budget & purchasing                                                        ann

  • <info>

web                                                                                  ann w

  • <info>

links & info                                                                                   

  • <info>

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