July 8, 2013

Confirmed attending: Ann C, Monica, Christy


  • It’s very difficult to keep the area east of the horse (roughly) open and mowed. Also, around the berry bushes and the east side compost bins is difficult. I’m wondering whether some planning, then clearing, could define those areas more clearly.
  • It’s also difficult to know what is weed and what belongs when mowing near the fruit trees, so it occurred to me that we could ask individual gardeners to adopt a fruit tree (or even require it as a condition leasing!). Najwa could be in charge, and direct the work rather than be overwhelmed by it.
  • And last, the school has apparently passed on to us the care of the sidewalk terrace in front of the gates. I whacked it (not hard to do), but I sense a straw in the wind as running the school mower to the end of school property is virtually effortless.


garden infrastructure                                                          

  • Wasps in the shed anymore?
  • Need new estimate on scaled back water spigot project
  • the horse looks nice!
  • in May we talked about revisiting the patio plan

fruit trees, shrubs, & vines                                 najwa, phil

block the bindweed                                                    christy                                          

permaculture guild                                                     christy

  • Need to whack away at the bit of comfrey coming up in a shrub, on the north side of the guild
  • Extend guild to inside the fence?
  • Najwa’s vision – extend the permaculture area into the pear trees.

work days                                                                                  

  • Next work day is July 14 4-6pm
  • Weed permaculture guild (the bindweed should be covered)


school garden                                                             monica

budget & purchasing                                                        ann k

  • Looking to scale back the spigot project to within budget

web                                                                                  ann w

links & info                                                                                   

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