June 3, 2013



garden infrastructure                                                          

  • Wasps in the shed
  • Need new estimate on scaled back water spigot project
  • Rebecca LaRose will repair the horse
  • Last time we talked about revisiting the patio plan

fruit trees, shrubs, & vines                                 najwa, phil

block the bindweed                                                    christy                                          

permaculture guild                                                     christy

  • Christy – adding thyme divisions
  • Christy – working on getting some free wood chip mulch. Emailed Sean Gere.
  • Najwa’s vision – extend the permaculture area into the pear trees.

work days                                                                                  

  • Next work day is June 9 4-6pm
  • Weed permaculture guild
  • Lay down newspaper in the guild and cover with mulch (could we get a shipment of wood chip type mulch for the guild?)

Can we ask the city to put a public trash bin along Midvale

put in an order for wood chip mulch — Christy put in an order for this


  • Everyone needs to use the smaller compost bins closer to the school until the large ones closer to the tool shed are empty.

school garden                                                             monica

budget & purchasing                                                        ann k

  • Looking to scale back the spigot project to within budget

web                                                                                  ann w

  • Christy added map of permaculture guild

links & info                                                                                   

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