May 6, 2013

Attending:  Paul, Najwa, Christy, Julie G, Ann K, Dawn?, Ann also joined us

The garden is open! Yay! Tell us how opening went!


  • Monica got a twisty cultivator
  • Painting our tools

garden infrastructure                                                          

  • Wasps in the shed — how do we eradicate this?
    • Phil Peliterri is teaching at Najwa’s class. 
    • Will someone be able to get them at night?
    • We probably need to ID the wasps
    •  Paul or Julie can take pictures and send to Phil P.
    • Let’s try to get this resolved this week.
    • What do other gardens do? Christy check with CAC
  • Red bench installation plans. How can the community garden help the school garden?
    • sounds like this project might not be happening anymore.
    • maybe revisit the patio plan again
  • Paul Getting an estimate on adding more water spigots – one up, one down, possibly a slight increase in pressure.
    • Estimate underway. Plumbing folks were onsite today.
  • Rebecca LaRose will repair the horse
  • Bulletin board on shed needs repair

fruit trees, shrubs, & vines                                 najwa, phil

  • 3 figs have arrived!
    • put these in the area south of the shed
  • kiwi are expensive
    • put these on one side of the grape arbor with the weaker side
  • lots of trees came back successfully!
  • Everything has broke bud! Plums are looking good!
  • Serviceberries are in bloom.

block the bindweed                                                              

  • Christy –  pulled a few tiny seedlings from the guild over this past weekend.

permaculture guild                                                     christy

  • Christy – adding thyme divisions
  • Najwa’s vision – extend the permaculture area into the pear trees.

work days                                                                                  

  • Next work day is May 19 4-6pm
  • To do for May:
    • Weed permaculture guild
    • Distribute remaining compost from our bins to the trees
    • Roof garden: bucket brigade to get some compost up there.
      • Ask people to bring sedum for the roof garden!
      • would thyme work?
    • Pick up trash, bring a bag for this to make it a little easier – Ann
    • Wrap colored tape – Ann K will bring tape
    • moving the hay bales
    • String trimming — see if someone wants to do this


  • Thinking ahead to June:
    • Weed permaculture guild
    • Lay down newspaper in the guild and cover with mulch (could we get a shipment of wood chip type mulch for the guild?)
  • Dawn will attend September’s and possibly also July’s


Can we ask the city to put a public trash bin along Midvale

put in an order for wood chip mulch — Christy put in an order for this


  • Everyone needs to use the smaller compost bins closer to the school until the large ones closer to the tool shed are empty.

school garden                                                             monica

  • Current projects: Red bench installation (CG will help SG)
  • Midvale plant sale is May 11th, 8-1, Midvale Elementary School, 502 Caromar

budget & purchasing                                                        ann k

  • Big budget items: more spigots. School garden will pay for the one that gets added to their end. As well as hoses, etc.

web                                                                                  ann w

    • Christy: updated the volunteer section of the website

links & info                                                                                   

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